Sunday, April 5, 2015

On the Cloud: VoIP and VoIP Monitoring

This year, organizations are turning to the cloud to take advantage of business VoIP. Where VoIP levels the playing field – reducing communications overhead and enabling greater access to business opportunities regardless of where you are – cloud VoIP makes the benefits of VoIP more affordable. Today, practically any organization that knows the positive difference with VoIP can switch to it with minimal investment.

Zero Hardware Requirements
The biggest initial investment that you'd have to make when you switch to on-premises VoIP is your hardware, which includes your IP-PBX or gateway device, as well as cable upgrades and SIP phones. This can amount to a lot, especially when you'd have to project to the capacities you'd require at least five years in the future.

With cloud VoIP, you skip through this. You can start simple and communicate through softphones, installed in desktops and BYODs (Bring Your Own Devices). The likely hardware investment that you might need to make is your office cabling. For VoIP communications to be as clear and powerful as possible, you need to use at least Cat5e cables. If you've used traditional phone lines for the longest time, your cables are likely Cat3s. While you can make do with this initially, it is best to upgrade to ideal cables for VoIP. This allows you to maximize your use of the technology, and not have to make do with bad audio and video connections.

Expert Communications Management
For many organizations, communications systems – be it traditional telephony or VoIP – require dedicated manpower, an expert or two in your payroll who can install, maintain and manage your system. You are reliant on your human resources department to get the best person for the job, at the price you can afford.

With cloud VoIP, this is no longer an issue. Getting expert technical support for your communications systems now relies on your VoIP service provider. You don't need to retain and spend for additional technical manpower. You do not need to rely on the level of expertise that you can afford. This now lies on your service provider.

And since they are focused on VoIP as a business, you can rest assured that they have the best people on the job.

Scalable VoIP
Perhaps one of the determining qualities of cloud VoIP that makes it an easy decision to switch is its scalability.

With on-premises VoIP, you would need to plan ahead and put together a communications system that can handle your projected requirements, at least five years into the future. This is well and good if you have the budget for it. But, for many small- and medium-scale, it is what has kept them from making the switch.

Cloud VoIP paves the way for small- to medium-scale business to make the switch and equip themselves as needed. They can add (or deduct) users and features, as required and without having to make an investment beyond their requirements.

Aside from making VoIP more accessible to organizations that can definitely leverage it to forward the company, it also frees up funds and allows you to invest elsewhere – other than your telecommunications system.

Grow with the Flow
With cloud VoIP, you don't have to plan your business investment around telecommunications. And definitely, you shouldn't be placing all your eggs in one telecommunications investment basket. There are other aspects of business that can use an infusion of funds, such as marketing and sales.

Through cloud VoIP, you can focus on these other aspects. Since you only need to plan for your monthly (or yearly) VoIP fees, you have more leeway to focus on growing your business.

Monitor your VoIP
Of course, to guarantee that you get all this, make sure you monitor your VoIP service. You can't fully take advantage of the benefits of VoIP when your service falls below acceptable standards. After all, you need to stay constantly reachable to your clients and partners through consistently clear audio and video communications.

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