Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An Introduction to WISPs and VoIPs

WISPs and VoIPs have always been logical partners. With the boom in the VoIP industry, it puts WISPs in a strategic position. They have an advantage over other prospective VoIP resellers.

First of all, WISPs already have a captive market. While other VoIP resellers presumably start from scratch, WISPs have a customer base they can market to. The contention is that their ISP service is consistent and reliable. It is likely that they would have loyal subscribers who would consider bundling VoIP with their ISP services.Read More

Towards the Future of VoIP with Mobile VoIP

Recent talks are lauding the partnership of Verizon and Skype Mobile. These two entities are natural rivals. Their marriage is a sign that VoIP is THE emerging industry. There's no fighting it (and Verizon has tried).

Mobile VoIP Has Arrived
With the new partnership, Verizon subscribers may now choose to download Skype's mobile software. If they are on a data plan, it allows them to make free Skype to Skype calls, and cheaper international calls through VoIP. While this may eat up some of Verizon's profits, it does encourage its subscribers to switch to a data plan. It can potentially translate to the same or more profits while encouraging brand loyalty.

AT&T does things different, on the other hand. Read More

Business Tip for VoIP Small Businesses: Know Your True Competition

When new to the VoIP industry, one of the most important steps to take is to pick out your competition. This allows your VoIP small business to get a clearer focus of your target market, and align your marketing strategies. The biggest mistake that could be made here is to select the “wrong” VoIP competition.

For example, if you pick a competitor such as Vonage, you may be setting yourself up to make the same mistakes they did/do. Vonage has been reputed to provide only so-so VoIP services. Add to that, they’ve pegged these service so low that they’ve resorted to “other fees.” If you try to compete with their pricing, you might end up offering your customers the same so-so services, while not earning enough to become a profitable business. Read More

VoIP Services that Give You Real Savings

Switching to VoIP services does mean more savings for the consumer. VoIP services are more affordable than traditional telephony while having quality that can be equal or better than the usual telephone line. However, there are popular VoIP services that say they offer "real" savings. Yet, when you add it all up, it's not really the case.

Take some of popular VoIP services like Vonage and MagicJack. These offer VoIP services at drastically cut down rates. But are you really getting the savings promised? Vonage has several other fees on top of its list cost. MagicJack, on the other hand, comes with so much hassles, it's almost not worth it. Read More

Setting Up your Own VoIP Service Provider Company

If you want to go into the VoIP service provider business, you have two options: either you become a reseller or put up your VoIP company from scratch. To date, there are already several well-regarded VoIP service providers that offer VoIP reseller programs. Getting into a VoIP reseller program is clearly the easier way to go.

However, if you are decided on setting up your VoIP service provider from scratch, here's a short list of what you must do and have. Be prepared to shell out a huge amount of investment capital, and have VoIP telecommunications experts on board. Read More

Why Selling Cheap VoIP Won’t Make You Money

Cheap seems to sound good. Who wouldn't want to find a bargain product, right? But then again, cheap is often not good when it comes to VoIP services. VoIP is a technology-driven product. That means it's capital-intensive, and requires expert management and support. A mid or high-priced VoIP service, while harder to sell to consumers, will turn in more profits in the long run. Customers are likely to remain loyal to good service. These are quality customers who consider a VoIP service's quality, not just the price.

It can be daunting though -- to come out with a higher-priced VoIP service. However, what kind of competition is out there? There's Vonage, which claims the lowest priced service. This isn't really true if you add all the other fees they charge. There are also the cheap VoIPs, with VoIP service not even worth what you pay for. Read More

The Cornerstones of the Customer Experience 1: Presented Image

There are many cornerstones to a VoIP Service Provider's Customer Experience. Foremost here, of course, is the audio codec, which directly affects the quality of service. Next is the product's presented image. (Others include: initial expectations, enrollment, VoIP service deployment, call completion, audio quality, dial pad, and technical and customer support.)

Presented Image simply means that a VoIP service provider should be perceived as professional and "personal" at the same time. This is a tricky mix. Traditional telephony service providers have often been seen as cold and uncaring. A deviation here, which can be advantageous to VoIP service providers, is to veer towards a "warmer" image without going off board.

The VoIP service provider should keep a professional front but give emphasis on customer support. It should appeal to good judgement and not to the customer's emotion.

Read more about this VoIP Reseller Tip here.

VoIP Service Provision: Focus on End User Perception

A VoIP Reseller should always be aware of how his customers and prospects see the VoIP services that he/she is trying to market. A good understanding of end user perception is a requisite if a VoIP reseller wants a satisfied customer base.

This is especially important now that the VoIP industry is booming. There are still a lot of misconceptions going around. This can lead to customers who get frustrated if they do not get what they expect.

One of the first things to do is update your website's content consistently and make sure you discuss all the basic and important aspects of VoIP services. There is the requisite FAQ section, which you can make the most of. Likewise, your sales and customer support teams should be prepared with relevant information whenever they discuss your VoIP services.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tips for VoIP Resellers on how to Address the Issue of the ATA Expense as a Barrier to Entry

I recently came out with this article regarding ATA costs and how VoIP resellers can address the issues that arise from this. The gist is the different schemes available to VoIP businesses -- which is best for them, depending on their financial situation.

For VoIP resellers with ample funds, the best way to go is the ATA box rental scheme. This way, the VoIP reseller minimizes the impact on the user's wallet, keeping their VoIP service affordable.

For VoIP resellers that are lacking fund, the best way to go is to require immediate purchase of the ATA equipment, either from them or a third part supplier. They can just help the user when it comes to choosing models and suppliers.