Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why Selling Cheap VoIP Won’t Make You Money

Cheap seems to sound good. Who wouldn't want to find a bargain product, right? But then again, cheap is often not good when it comes to VoIP services. VoIP is a technology-driven product. That means it's capital-intensive, and requires expert management and support. A mid or high-priced VoIP service, while harder to sell to consumers, will turn in more profits in the long run. Customers are likely to remain loyal to good service. These are quality customers who consider a VoIP service's quality, not just the price.

It can be daunting though -- to come out with a higher-priced VoIP service. However, what kind of competition is out there? There's Vonage, which claims the lowest priced service. This isn't really true if you add all the other fees they charge. There are also the cheap VoIPs, with VoIP service not even worth what you pay for. Read More