Wednesday, December 15, 2010

VoIP Reseller Business Tip: ATA Should Not Be A Barrier to Entry

Many VoIP resellers have boggled over what to do about ATA costs. ATA costs can turn off some potential customers because these are seen as additional expense. There are schemes that a VoIP reseller can implement to lessen the impact of ATA costs and not have these become barriers to entry.

1. ATA Box Rental: Instead of an upfront cost for ATA boxes, the VoIP reseller can opt to rent these out to its customers. This way, the cost is spread over a period, lessening the financial burden to customers. At the same time, there is an earning possibility after the cost of ATA is paid for through accumulated rent.

2. ATA Cost as Activation Cost: There is some psychological comfort in not having to shell out for equipment when switching to VoIP services. Hiding the cost for the ATA as Activation fee may lessen the negative impact of this additional expense.

3. ATA Purchase through a Third Party provider: Getting your customers to purchase their ATA through another provider can help disassociate your VoIP service from the additional upfront cost. If you opt for this, it is best to have a list of suggested models and retailers ready.

4. ATA as a Separate Transaction: Billing the ATA purchase as a separate transaction is also a good idea. This gives your client the option to use softphones or buy elsewhere.

Different Approaches for Different VoIP Service Providers
The various kinds of VoIP Resellers should approach the ATA issue differently. For well-funded VoIP resellers, the best approach is to shoulder the ATA cost at the start and just charge a rental fee. This way, the burden on the customer is lessened while offering an earning potential in the long run.

For VoIP resellers with lesser available capital, the best approach is to have the customer make the ATA purchase upfront either through you or a third party VoIP equipment retailer. This gets the expense out of the way..