Thursday, June 13, 2013

Why End Users Should Test VoIP Quality

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It’s easy to lay out the benefits of testing VoIP quality to business owners and service providers. Profits depend on properly functioning VoIP and network connection. So, of course, they should test and consistently monitor their VoIP quality.

But what about the end users? Individuals who may just be on Skype, have a MagicJack, or even a paid account with a VoIP company?

The long and short of it is yes, end users still need to monitor their VoIP quality through services like VoIP Spear’s. This is not to be likened to an obsessive-compulsive urge to know everything that’s going on. Monitoring your VoIP quality is the only way you can enjoy the full benefits of VoIP as the telecommunication’s future.
VoIP Quality Profile
Through testing and monitoring your VoIP, you can derive a pretty accurate profile of your net connection and its suitability for VoIP. You can map out service quality fluctuations, which can be used to schedule VoIP usage. Just knowing your network’s VoIP suitability is already a big help in decisions concerning your internet and VoIP accounts.

To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade
Switching to VoIP is an investment in hardware/ software, apart from monthly fees that come with paid accounts. Paid VoIP accounts are always better options to the likes of Skype (free). Voice call quality is several notches up. Plus, you get dedicated support for any communications issues that you encounter. The requisite here though is that you have good internet access. If you have terrible internet and service that fluctuates erratically, then an account upgrade – as well buying SIP phones, analog telephone adapters and the like -- won’t be worth it.

Troubleshoot VoIP Problems
Testing and monitoring your VoIP is also a great help in troubleshooting VoIP problems caused by slow internet connections. Services like VoIP Spear monitor several factors in your connection, such as latency, jitter and packet loss. If, say, the issue is latency (length of time voice packets travel from one end to another), you can address the issue by decreasing the number of systems that packets need to travel through. If you are using wi-fi to connect to the net, you can instead get behind the router and connect more directly.

VoIP testing and monitoring services allow you to get to the heart of the problem. In doing so, you can potentially address your call issues and experience better VoIP. 

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